The songs Svante Widerström started sketching out after the split-up of the metal band Fatal Tabasco were recorded and put out as demos in 1999. The project was named after detective Arbogast in the Hitchcock movie ”Psycho” (this was of course before Svante found out that Arbogast is a semi-common surname in the US).

From the start there was a problem finding members for Arbogast. Two albums were recorded with too few musicians. But in early 2011 Svante got involved with bass-player Fredrik Beckman, guitarist Tobias Hedén and drummer Gösta Kovac. Together they played covers for fun, though in the end the ensemble transformed into Arbogast and finished the third album “Fiction is the answer”. Even this line-up didn't last until the release of the album, but new guitarist Jonas Hjortstam (who actually appeared on the previous album “Certainties and Doubts”) and new drummer André Westerberg were soon recruited.

After a gig at Christmas day André quit the band and was replaced by Michael “Ykke” Andersson. Between a handful gigs during spring and summer the band recorded the fourth album “Joint Effort To Invoke” which was released in November 2012.

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