24 Jul. - 2014

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10 Jan. - 2014
  New video from the upcoming album:

10 May. - 2013
  Don't rob and drive...

12 Apr. - 2013
  In case you've missed it, we're on Facebook, have a look and like our page!

Arbogast on Facebook
13 Jan. - 2013
  Clog your noses

03 Jan. - 2013
17 Nov. - 2012
  The releaseparty for the new album was held at MX rockbar in hometown Alingsås. Some videoshots were taken as well...

28 Oct. - 2012
  The album "Joint Effort to Invoke" is released.

A video from the album was shot in august:

29 May. - 2012
  Since Ykke (Michael Andersson) joined the band we've played three gigs and also began the recording of the fourth Arbogastalbum - still untitled. At this moment most of the rhythm tracks are done. If nothing unexpected happens (and it very often does...) the album should be released at the end of the summer.
20 Jan. - 2012
  After the gig on christmass day, which went down extremely well, drummer André Westerberg decided to leave the band. His successor has now been found in the shape of Michael Andersson. To be continued...
20 Dec. - 2011
  Another video from the album has been released:

01 Oct. - 2011
  The releaseparty for the third album FICTION IS THE ANSWER took place at Nolhagaskolan Alingsås.

The line-up (differs from the album-line-up):

Svante Widerström: vocals, rythm guitar
Jonas Hjortstam: lead guitar
Fredrik Beckman: bass
André Westerberg: drums

The new album is now finished and out for sale:

also; a video (from that album) has been recorded:

30 May. - 2011
  Arbogast has now finally become a group of four members able to play live in the near future.

The line up:

Svante Widerström: vocals, guitars
Tobias Hedén: guitar
Fredrik Beckman: bass
Gösta Kovac: drums

The group are now finishing their third album which is gonna be titled "Fiction Is The Answer". In addition to the group members also guitarist Fredrik Falkerstedt and background singer Mats Lilja appears on the album.
08 Aug. - 2010
  New video:

09 Apr. - 2010

Arbogast appears on the Lollipop Magazine compilation CD with the song "Applause To You"
12 Oct. - 2009
  Arbogast appears on comp CD:

06 Sep. - 2009
  Arbogast has hooked up with the publisher management Two Side Moon (TSM).

02 Jun. - 2009
  New album out now!
"Certainties And Doubts"
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